Special Needs

Many of our pets need medications, special diets or special care when being boarded. To help us keep track of every detail and communicate each pet’s needs to the staff, we have a wide array of computer generated reports.


We give medications (including injections) on the same schedule you would at home. We have many regular customers who’s pets need insulin and food given at 12 hour intervals and we are pros at getting dogs and cats to swallow their pills! The Medications Tracking Report to keep tight control over the process and a supervisor reviews the reports to ensure medication are given accurately and timely.


Pets that are staying with us for the first time are automatically added to the TLC Report. Also, any pet with special care issues (e.g. upset stomach, sore leg, recent surgery) are added to the TLC Report for daily checks by the staff for monitoring and a little extra petting time and check-ups to make sure they are adjusting to the kennel and improving.

Wellness Checks

Every pet is checked daily and documented with our Wellness Report to ensure that no issues are emerging during their stay. Here are some of the things we watch for:

  • A very active dog might spend too much time in its dog run, running and jumping that it gets sore feet or even tears a toe nail and we must close the dog in for part of each day.
  • An older dog that lays in one position too long might get sores under the upper joint of a fore leg.
  • Some dogs are picky eaters and need a little extra something added to get them started.
  • Dog doors that are not working properly might prevent a dog from going outside to its dog run.

The “Magic Sorting Hat”

We have have 6 separate play-yards and indoor zones. Dogs are sorted by temperment, age and size to determine which kennel is the best fit. If someone is not getting along with the neighbors, we re-assign kennels to get the right balance.