Group Class (Basic Obedience)

Basic Obedience taught at your own pace. Group classes are taught on Saturdays with a rotating schedule. Each level is 30-45 minutes and is taught at the same time each week. There are evening classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6PM.  Each evening offers a different level.  Ask the trainer which evening is appropriate for you and your dog.

There are four levels to complete.  You move to the next level when you and your dog are ready. No rush, no hassle, move at your own pace. Miss a class? No problem. Come the following week and pick up where you left off. We give you 6 months to complete the classes so you aren’t rushed and can be a success.

The design of the class is for you to have a completely trained dog, not for you to pay, come and not be successful. Our hopes for our customers are to be satisfied and enthusiastic. We do not want to set you up for failure, to dread class, but to see it as a building a relationship with your best friend.

One flat rate pays for 6 months. You can purchase additional private sessions for extra help or to address specific problems for a reduced rate.