Our Kennel

We are a family owned and operated business. We designed and built Wagging Tails to make it easy to provide excellent care for each pet including:

  • Large indoor/outdoor kennels – each kennel is 20 square feet (4′x5′) inside and 40 square feet (4′x10′) outside with a climate-proof doggie door that keeps the temperature inside comfortable, but lets Wishbone and Scooby go in and out anytime during the day.
  • Heated Floors and AC
  • Hammock Beds
  • Shaded Outdoor Runs
  • Pedigree Dry Food
  • Six Large Play Areas
  • Each kennel has its own large marker board and shelf to keep track of special diet needs, treats and medications.
  • 24×7 onsite supervision
  • Supervised outdoor exercise and playtime for all dogs 4x everyday.
  • We can even join 2 kennels for the added comfort of larger dogs, or larger families of dogs.